Advance Pilot Training

Our advance pilot training will equip you with all the skills and knowledge needed to become an drone pilot. This program will also turn you in to a professional with excellent decision making skills. Learn how to be a leader and how to set a protocol while executing a project. Our course offers both classroom and hand-on training. Additionally our instructors will make you feel confident and improves your ability to fly.

Theory Classes of Advance Pilot Training:

  • Basic Principles Of Flight.
  • Weather And Meteorology.
  • Drone Equipment and Maintenance.
  • Payload Installation and Utilization.
  • Image/Video Interpretation.
  • Emergency Identification and Handling,
  • ATC Procedures And Radio Telephony.
  • Final Test Theory.
  • Fixed wing Operations/Aerodynamics.
  • Multi Rotor Operations.

Practical Training :

  •  Flying Lessons.
  • Practical Lessons in Lab.
  • Flight Simulator Training.