Aerial Cinematography and Photography

Aerial cinematography and photography is a footage or photography captured from an elevated perspective.This can be done using a variety of platforms like helicopters, modern drones and fixed-wing aircraft. Most importantly there are multiple set of  reasons why aerial cinematography and photography is a creative course.

Main purpose and Applications:

  • It is a great way to specialize your work
  • It adds a unique perspective to describe your story.
  • In many cases, aerial cinematography and photography used in ground-based filming techniques to tell a engaging story.
  • Besides it is also one the cost-effective ways in capturing large scaled areas like tall buildings, stadiums etc.
  • It is a great approach to capture moving bodies like boats and cars etc.
  • To understand how to get best footage keeping in view climate temperature and light.

Careers and Job Outlook :

While starting career in aerial cinematography and photography, many graduates may find it a bit difficult to get in to a specific field right away. However particular organizations or institutions and businesses like government companies may have a need for aerial photographers. In addition Cartography companies, land surveying companies and real estate developers also generally need aerial photography and also can start their careers as Event Managers, Advertising Agencies, Photography studios and Wedding planners. Aerial Cinematography and photography is an enhanced skill set to give you an opportunity to create additional income.

Aerial photographers who are more interested in artistic field of photography will mostly work as freelancers. One with certified aerial course can own their own aircraft or can collaborate with small businesses in order to take their photographs. One can sell aerial photographs to travel magazines and book publishers as well.

If a particular person is talented and creative, he may be able to get his own recognition by featuring his best work. Therefore this can not only get him recognition but also help him in finding new opportunities. 

Course Duration:

  • 2 Days

Course Execution Options:

  • Weekdays and Weekends

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