Construction / Building Roof Top Inspection


In construction drones are used for structural inspection and volume measurements. Drones that are installed with cameras are used to track construction progress. Further more, it helps in quickly accessing large and unreachable areas for prior evaluation. It helps you to stay in your budget, time efficient and also improves the productivity of work.

Building Roof Top

At times, we face challenges while gaining access to the roof. Examining or observing faults can be performed by binocular as getting access to building is risky. Some times, it may require up -close observation of rooftops in detail. Such observations are completed generally by using personal lift , swing stages and rope access techniques. But, there are some limitations as they are too expensive or difficult to perform. We may also need to examine the building after natural calamities which is quite challenging. In such condition in order to over come such challenges drones are used. Unmanned aircraft systems or drones are used to capture photographs of the locations which are inaccessible to reach. Drones are mounted with cameras to captured desired images. This additionally produces improved quality of work with clients satisfaction.