Importance Of Counselling In Today’s Life

Counselling provided by trained and experienced professionals makes an intense impact on the lives of individuals, families and communities. If suggestions are followed  apart from making a profound impact, these services help people to navigate from difficult life situations, such as loss of job, confusion in career options, life, death, natural disasters, stress ,family , bad marriage or relationships, divorce etc. This is broken  further into broad segments such as :

  • Career Counselling.
  • Life Skills  counselling.
  • Behavioural Skills Counselling.

Career Counselling:

This area of Counselling is an opportunity to resolve problems, improve understanding and learn desired skills. It also provides a platform where you can talk openly about your concerns. Career Counselling provides students with professional assistance. Confusion, depression, and anger are some of the obstacles in a student’s path.  These obstacles often diminish potential and achievement.

In such situations counsellors can encourage skills, promote self-awareness and responsibility and also support students in gaining self-confidence. Career counselling helps the students to clear the confusion about what career path to choose. These forms of interactions with experienced professionals produce possible outputs like skills,  behaviours, career paths and challenges, specialization related guidance and individual specific career guidance.

Life Skills Counselling:

Life skills counselling is a vast subject and not an easy one at that. However talking about ones life and the quality of that life helps to gain the ability to handle life’s challenges in the most effective way. It also helps in maximizing chances of success and also minimizes negative consequences.  The ability to navigate through the ups and downs of life is what life Skills Counselling does for you

Behavioural Skills Counselling:

Behavioural counselling aims to improve one’s behaviour, develops interpersonal skills, minimise friction and  faults. It’s all about identifying one’s own way of living and working with self and then relate it to others around you . At  any point of life behaviour can be acknowledged, understood, accepted, learned and then  recalibrated or adjusted to ensure meaningful  results.

Psychology, learning styles, personality traits, motivational and attitudinal aspects of people are analysed to then give the direction forward. One’s ability to cope with different situations and staying  in control depends on his/her strengths and emotions. Counsellors at Lighthouse Training Academy helps students and individuals alike  in need with certain skills like a do it yourself  and coping strategies.

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