How Experiential Learning Helps To Boost Learning Skills

What Is Experiential Learning:

Experiential learning is also known as the process of learning through experience. Also, more specifically defined as “learning through action “. Hands-on learning is a better fit for an example of experiential learning. Experiential learning is exclusively designed to engage participants in developing skills and as well as enhances their knowledge. Students involve in an active role during learning. This will obviously lead students to experience greater gratification in learning.

Why Experiential Learning Is Important in Boosting Skills:

  • Enhances ability in applying knowledge
  • Improves access to real-time coaching and feedback.
  • Promotes teamwork as well as communication skills.
  • Enhances interpersonal skills
  • Helps understanding Emotions of self and others
  • Development of productive practice habits.
  • Experiential learning enables the student to involve in creative tasks. With this exposure their brains tend to seek their own, unique and most fulfilling solution to a hands-on task. 
  • Accomplishments involving knowledge are obvious.
  • Experiential learning is useful in converting data and concepts to “real” by applying them to hands-on tasks. 
  • Helps in better planning with a bigger goal in mind.
  • It is an opportunity for creation and using the available resources in a better manner.
  • Participants start analysing how their actions affect the outcome. And how their outcome may have varied. This analysis helps them understand the concepts in a better way. And also how they can be applied to other, varied circumstances.
  • As it involves trial and error methods, mistakes become valuable. 
  • Students tend to find better approaches as they engage in hands-on tasks. They find that some approaches work better than others. Therefore, students learn not to fear mistakes, but values them.
  • As this process involves developing  plan of action, students will obviously learn problem solving skills. This in turn prepares students for Real Life 
  • Its about shift focus from I, Me , Mine and Myself to We, Us, Our, and Everyone.

Lighthouse Training Academy provides best in town experiential learning with activities that are communal in nature. Enhances skill set and also boosts learning capabilities according to circumstances.

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