Land Mapping and Survey

Land surveyor job is to capture accurate measurements from a piece of land in order to determine boundaries. Data collected by surveyors in land mapping and survey assists in the creation of maps, plots, and legal documentation. Maps are crucial for their job. So, drone photogrammetry is helpful in dealing with their profession.

Benefits of drones in Land mapping and survey

  • Reduce field time and survey costs.
  • Capturing data with a drone is five times faster when compared to traditional land-based methods
  • Requires less manpower.
  • Provides precise and full-scaled data.
  • With the help of drone, maps of inaccessible areas can also be accessed

Drone provides an enormous potential for surveying professionals. With the help of drone, one can perform topographic survey with ease. In addition they can also expect high quality and accurate measurements same as those captured by traditional topographic surveys, that too in less time. Further more it also reduces manpower, workload and cost of survey in the field.

A drone used for land mapping and surveying can take off and almost fly anywhere. With the help of drones one can also reach unreachable areas and harsh terrains which are not accessible by traditional measuring tools. A land surveyor can also capture data on highways and railway tracks without closing down any operations.