Land Mapping

There are many traditional tools being used for land mapping or surveying. Now it is the time to upgrade them to drones. A drone can completely survey a site. It can also obtain aerial mapping of the site within minutes and secures its data to a cloud

Main Purpose and Applications of Land Mapping using Drones

  • Compared to traditional surveying , land mapping through drones can survey the site in less time.
  • Instead of carrying multiple equipment, surveyor can carry a single tool which produces the equivalent accurate data
  • Used in mining inspection, site inspection and agricultural field monitoring

Career and Job Outlook

With adequate experience one can see one self as surveying and mapping technicians. However, his/her job role is to collect data and maps of earth’s surface. Surveying technicians can work in all types of weather. Primarily they work in indoors on computers. Surveying technicians tend to work more obviously in firms that provide mapping services. It’s more likely to be in contract basis.

Surveying/land mapping technicians also being hired by local governments to work in highway and planning departments. 

Course Duration

  • 4 Days.

Course Execution Options

  • Weekdays.
  • Weekends.
  • Monthly.

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