Mining Inspection

Drone technology in mining improves and manages the large mining sites with great efficiency. It provides accurate data in a short time with better coordination. Operators quickly realizes the improved change by using drone technology. Minimal inspection produces Sound amount of data.

Drone surveys provides more accurate measurements compared to the traditional methods. Faults and unevenness on the surface can be identified. Reducing the deviation in stock pile calculation is possible with the help of surveys. Surveys produces regulatory checks, base files and accurate financial statements.

Rate of speed is approximately 30 times faster to the traditional methods. The differences between any two surveys can easily be tracked and easily highlighted which in turn makes the task more easy. By using drone technology in mining, cost for surveying and monitoring can be probably reduced.

By using drones each and every part can be inspected which is not possible with traditional ways. Moving further in traditional methods, employees usually tend to visit dangerous zones and climbs to the stockpiles to survey those areas. Drone surveying eliminates these risks during inspection and ensures safety of employees. This directly improves site’s and also workers safety

Mine managers can now collaborate across teams and can design productive designs with the help of drone images. This can happen only because of accurate site model produced from aerial drone images. Plans tailing pond operations based on the digital maps that are produced by the aerial images. As drones made it less expensive and time efficient one can inpsect and create a record of the site by monitoring progress on a monthly and weekly basis.

By nature stockpiles are irregular in shape it is difficult to calculate their volume with traditional ground based methods. You can over come this and also can get accurate value of stockpiles by switching to drone technology.