Powerline Inspection

Drones became absolutely necessary for power line inspection as they are inexpensive. Apart from being relatively inexpensive it is also easy to operate. Drones are being adopted by various companies for a variety range of applications.

Drones are being widely used by different companies for different applications. Now-a-days many companies are using drones particularly for visual inspection, as it is a effective way to inspect even in inaccessible areas.

Inspection using drones offers advantages such as

  • Detailed information of defects
  • Can access high quality videos and images
  • Helps to draw quick overview of the conditions
  • Reduces downtime
  • Can also inspect inaccessible areas
  • Optimized production with preventive maintenance.

Drone Inspection Of The Power Grid :

To inspect power lines, damaged bolts and power pylons for bird’s nests drone can be used. Drone system considers magnetic interference of power lines. These lines affects the drone compass and our drones can fly very close to the power lines. Therefore, high resolution images can be captured by which your plan can be optimized. A thermographic camera or a high resolution camera can be installed based on the need/requirement. Images captured from the drone provides exact information about where it was captured. By sorting these images, detailed report can be drawn which in turn makes the task easy for the respective professionals.