Structural Inspection

Structural inspection is used to evaluate foundation performance and structure of the building. This is performed to draw the information regarding their condition. In addition it is also used to calculate the need of repair and overall condition. In a predefined pattern drone captures images of every inch.Furthermore these images can be analyzed by a site manager, building inspector or by an engineer safely in any working place. Therefore assists in maintaining a property in all possible ways during future years.

Main Purpose and Applications of Structural Inspection

  • Structural Inspection is used to provide an exact information of the structural performance.
  • With the use of drones structural inspection is considered less costly.
  • Reduces manual power yet yields in-depth and accurate data.
  • Used to map problem in particular areas during venture construction.
  • Can capture high resolution images from any vantage point.
  • During Construction progressive 3D visuals can be derived.
  • Makes real-time measurements accurately.

Inspections in some areas may be limited due to site conditions. One of it is related to direct access to the roof or entry to crawlspace. Any concerns or limitations related to inspection must be discussed first before setting an inspection.

Career And Job Outlook

Structural inspection technicians are hired by local governments to work in highway and planning departments. Technicians tend to work more obviously in firms that provide inspection and mapping services. 

Course Duration

  • 4 Days.

Course Execution Options

  • Weekdays.
  • Weekends.
  • Monthly

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