Wind Turbine Inspection

A drone is ideal for wind turbine inspection if it can handle a wind speed of up to 10 m/s. Such drone can inspect both onshore and offshore wind turbines. Through drone inspection damages to the wind turbine blade can be known. Additionally it also ensures whether repairs are carried out in time or not.

Through regular maintenance one can significantly extend the lifespan of wind turbines. With regular maintenance drones exhibit maximum power in all conditions. Wind turbine are tall structures and due to the structure of blades inspecting them is quite challenging. But, this can be overcome by measuring the small difference between the blades. This difference is created, when the internal structure is heated. So, as the blade heats and cools at different rates, these small differences can be observed. Therefore this difference can be measured by installing highly sophisticated and calibrated cameras on drones. This information can be gathered at different points based on requirement.

Benefits of Wind Turbine Inspections With Drones:

  • Compared to ground based inspection visual drone inspects high resolution output.
  • By automating inspection man power can be reduced
  • Orientation of wind turbines can be assessed safely
  • Wind Turbines can function as usual during inspection
  • Due to reliability, data accuracy, thermal/ 4k capabilities efficiency increases
  • By collecting required data in advance risks in power distribution can be identified and can also be mitigated
  • Reduces time and cost by 30% to 60% when switched to wind turbine inspection.