Many people spend too much time trying to be the captain of someone else’s Boat. Learn to be a Lighthouse and other Boats will find their way to you.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to impart excellent training that brings about a change in behaviour and enhances the skill sets which meets the need of learners and organizations alike.

Our Vision

To be the chosen training, learning and development provider for industries, education institutes and all those who value self development.

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Spoken English, Presentation Skills, Public speaking and Communication Skills

Communication skills, a valuable treasure, Master them here, and reach new measure. Present, speak, and captivate your crowd, Our resources ensure your success, loud and proud.

customer centric

Customer Centric Programs

Customer Services Excellence Across Industries, Customer Service on Telephone, Customer Service Training for the hospitality industries and Customer Care in Hospitality.

Corporate Programs

Valuing our Values, Interviewing Skills, Team Building, Business Etiquette, Dinning Etiquette and Business E-mail Etiquette etc.

Lighthouse Training Induction and outbounding

Induction And On-Boarding

Induction and on-boarding training is the Knowledge Management processes and enables the new employee become a useful resource to the organization. And also deals with the rights of the employee or the organization Vice Versa.

Educational Institutions

Focuses on Campus Industry migration which prepares students in subjects like Communication Skills,Interviewing, Group Discussion, Business Etiquette, Dining Etiquette, Emotional Control and High Impact Presentations.

Career, Wellness Grooming And Life Counseling

Coaching,Career Guidance, Wellness Grooming And Life Counselling

The main objective of career counselling is to guide students on how to choose a field that is in accord with their skills and job expectations . This also helps an individual in promoting healing and well-being and makes them come up with a best career plan by analysing data.



Lighthouse Training Academy is an International Company specialized in selecting “High Performing Candidates” across a wide range of specialists, each serviced by dedicated teams. Your market, your business and your career aspirations will be analyzed. Our Recruitment Services includes Executive Search, Exclusive Contingent Search and Contingent Recruitment services

Light House Training experimental Learning

Experiential Learning

Experiential Education Methodology seeks to provide learners with direct experience(s) in the area of study and focused reflection, in order to evolve in terms of knowledge, skills, values and build relationships. Our approach seeks provide learners to with a variety of engaging prompts that they can chose to use to plunge into learning mode.

lighthouse training health Sector

Healthcare Sector

Lighthouse training provide quality training in Hospital Etiquette, Spoken English for Nurses, Paramedics and technicians, Communicating care for Nurses, Communication Skills for Doctors, Service Excellence for front office, , House Keeping and other customer interfacing staff and Interview Skills for Nursing staff etc.

customer centric

POSH Training

The POSH (Prevention Of Sexual Harassment) training is considered as one of the important trainings. It gives every employer and employee a clear insight on “what sexual harassment is” and “how to differentiate it” from other cases. Many employees usually hesitate in reporting such problems, as they fear losing their jobs. Few employees might also hesitate considering it futile.

Parental Counselling

At the simplest level, parenting counselling, also known to many as parenting therapy where in you as a parent take help which would then “help your child.” Each session plan is specific to the situation. It doesn’t matter if the conflict lies between you and your child, or if it has to do with family issues or trauma or child-related developmental, physical, or mental health problems.

Effective Coaching & Feedback

Course focuses on achieving results by building their strengths, increasing their confidence, developing their Skills and providing encouragement.

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