Drone Training Services


Advance Pilot Training

Our 5 Day Advance Pilot Training course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to become an expert drone pilot.


Aerial Cinematography & Photography

Our Aerial Cinematography and Photography course will help you add unique perspective to describe your story visually and add dynamism to your photography skills.


Land Mapping

The Land Mapping Course will make your work easier and faster Compared to traditional land surveying.


Structural Inspection

Structural Inspection course will help you to inspect the factory sites, power plants, bridges, pipelines to minimise risk to human life and reduce maintenance cost by quick repair turnaround time.


Aerial Robotics

Our one day Aerial Robotics course will equip you the knowledge about Aerodynamics and Artificial Intelligence ( AI) in Drone Technology.

Drone Services & Applications


Land Mapping & Survey

Land Mapping and Surveying with Drones makes your work more easier by Reduced field time and survey costs. Capturing geospatial data with a drone is up to five times faster than with land-based methods.


Wind turbine, Solor and Powerline Stuructural Inspection

Inspecting Wind Turbines, Solar and Power line Structural Inspection will greatly reduce man hours and costs by drone visual and thermal inspections.


Crop Monitoring

Drones provide farmers and researchers a fast and efficient way to check the health their crops, soil and moisture levels. This saves time and cost for the farmers multifold.


Disaster Management

Drones play vital role in Disaster Management like pre-disaster warning as well as monitoring post disaster rescue and repair work.


Croud Management & Traffic Management

Drone surveillance enables gathering information about a target crowd as well as traffic jams to enable authorities to work out alternative routes and maintain law and order.


Oil, Gas and Pipeline Inspection​

Drones provide a good high accuracy inspection and collection of data for post processing and repairs.


Railway Track, Bridges and Building Inspections

Railway Tracks, Inspection of Bridges and Building Inspections can be easily handled using Drone Technology.

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