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Lighthouse and Indian Academy of drones Drone Services

Drone Training Services

Lighthouse Training in association with IAD(Indian Academy of Drones) is providing Pilot Training Aerial Cinematography.

Drone Service & Application

Lighthouse training in association with IAD (Indian Academy of Drones) is providing Drone Services and Applications like Aerial Photography, Security Surveillance, Infrastructure Maintenance, Land Mapping, Mining Inspection and Agriculture Field Monitoring.​

Educational Institutions

Lighthouse training institute provide quality Educationals Institutions like Effective Communication skills, Interviewing Skills, Handle Group Discussions Effectively, High Ompact Presentations for teachers, Effective Presentation Skills, Specialized skills in Healthcare, Retail and Telecom and Campus to Industry Migration etc.

Lighthouse Training Induction and outbounding

Induction And On- Boarding

Lighthouse training provides provide induction and on-boarding training services

Customer Centric Programs

Lighthouse training provides excellent Customer centric programs like Customer Services Excellence Across Industries, Customer Service on Telephone, Customer Service Training for the hospitality industries and Customer Care in Hospitality.

Corporate Programs

Lighthouse Training provide professional Corporate Programs training like Valuing our Values, Interviewing Skills, Team Building, Business Etiquette, Dinning Etiquette and Business E-mail Etiquette etc.

Effective Coaching & Feedback

Lighthouse Training provide Effective Coaching and Feedback training. Need more information

Light House Training experimental Learning

Experiential Learning

Experiential Education Methodology seeks to provide learners with direct experience(s) in the area of study and focused reflection, in order to evolve in terms of knowledge, skills, values and build relationships. Our approach seeks provide learners to with a variety of engaging prompts that they can chose to use to plunge into learning mode.

lighthouse training health Sector

Healthcare Sector

Lighthouse training provide quality training in Hospital Etiquette, Spoken English for Nurses, Paramedics and technicians, Communicating care for Nurses, Communication Skills for Doctors, Service Excellence for front office, , House Keeping and other customer interfacing staff and Interview Skills for Nursing staff etc.

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