POSH Training

(Prevention Of Sexual Harassment)

The POSH training is considered as one of the important trainings. It gives every employer and employee a clear insight on “what sexual harassment is” and “how to differentiate it” from other cases. Many employees usually hesitate in reporting such problems, as they fear losing their jobs. Few employees might also hesitate considering it futile.

As the number of female employees are growing, sexual harassments at the workplace were also increasing drastically. Many measures were implemented, yet  there is no stop for this problem in the society.

To make an end to this serious threat, many organisations are trying to solve this problem in their respective levels. POSH training ( Prevention of sexual harassment) is the new step that was introduced.  This plays a major role in creating awareness among employees and other co- workers too.

For the working women out there this could be the real saviour. Now-a-days in the corporate world, POSH online training is considered mandatory. Now it is being hugely practiced in the organisations and has shown positive results as well.

Some of the important facts  are discussed below. By this one can understand the values of POSH training.

Spreading Awareness

Posh training spreads awareness among people. There are particular organisations, which take care of any harassments or misbehavioral incidents that occur in the workplace. They use different teaching techniques like the Posh E-module system. This system is used to teach their employees so, that they could learn fast and also remember for a long period

Safe Working Environment

If all the employees obey the laws and rules of POSH, they will obviously develop awareness. They will get to know about different kinds of harassments and punishments related to them. Hence, they will be more sincere and responsible at their  respective workplace. They will never try to create any misdeeds with any women around. This will create a safe working environment for women and in turn these kind of problems get reduced.

Trust and Respect

POSH training allows POSH IC training for the management where they will gain knowledge and can take any legal actions if required. By this, the respective harasser will be punished for his deeds. If this happens, obviously women will come forward to take an action against the incidents that they are going through. Women will be respected as other employees at the workplace.

To Maintain Company’s Reputation

If any such incident takes place, that will surely affect the reputation of the company. This will in turn also creates a very negative impact on the employees too. Hence, by undergoing this training, the management develops capability to handle these situations pretty fast. Moreover, it will form a secure layer around women, who work with other male co-workers.

These are some of the facts that answers the question “ Why in today’s modern world we even need a sexual harassment training?”. Lighthouse Training Academy trains staff by discussing all the issues which are mandatory in enhancing safety for women in workplace.

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