Induction & On-Boarding

Induction and onboarding is a process where you introduce the job and organisation to new employee.The right on-boarding program will improve productivity. But how can you successfully develop and improve your organization’s on-boarding training experience? The first step is distinguishing between on-boarding and training and development.

On-boarding employees or new-to-role employees helps adjust them specifically in social and performance aspects. By this they can quickly become productive additionally by contributing team members.Employee training addresses many aspects involved in workplace learning. They include knowledge and skills required to meet job expectations. Depending of future requirements Training programs are designed.

At Lighthouse training academy we help our clients to develop an engaging employee induction and onboarding experience. This further complements employee training and development.

Advantages Of Corporate Induction And On-boarding Training Program for New Employees:

A well-structures induction and onboarding training program results in the following benefits.

  • Helps the employees to become planned and productive in short span of time.
  • Increases the capability of understanding their role and what the organization expects from them.
  • Establishes a strong foundation which helps in identifying how the organization works.
  • Helps them to settle down faster and enables a better new employee engagement.

Advantages Of Induction and Onboarding Training Program To The Business :

  • Develops a better understanding of not only the organizational aspects but, also helps in understanding how exactly they can align with the organizational goals in a short time.
  • A well-designed induction and on-boarding training program also helps the organisation/business by analyzing the productivity of employees in a company.

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